December 12, 2020

Organized by Christof Migone


First in a series of twelve annual events taking place on December 12 from noon to midnight GMT (7-7 EST, 5-5 CST, 4-4 PST). Each year the event will move through each word of the 12-word phrase ‘you and I are water earth fire air of life and death’ and activate the word of the year in myriad ways. This year it all starts with you. It always starts with you.

Participants were invited to programme one hour with ‘you’ as the sole prompt.

A radio-but-not-really-radio event where you and you and you momentarily, tentatively, expectantly share the same nonplace.

The project originated at the Glenfiddich Distillery (Dufftown, Scotland) and the main broadcast partner is Resonance Extra, a 24/7 digital broadcasting platform dedicated to global music, sound art, and radio art based at Resonance FM London, England’s community radio station for the arts (hence the 12 to 12 time span set to UK time). The other broadcast partner is Wave Farm, an artist-run center specialized in transmission arts located in upstate New York.


YOU- HOUR 1 (12-13 GMT) (6-7 EST) (4-5 CST) (3-4 PST)

Christof Migone, featuring Xuan Ye, presents Y-, a four part introduction to the event, 1. You-Base-Twelve, 2. You-Scratch-Script, 3. You-Rotate-Radio, 4. You-Urge-Urgent.




YOU- HOUR 2 (13-14 GMT) (7-8 EST) (5-6 CST) (4-5 PST)

UTSC Dept. ACM PRESENTS The Scarborough Sound with two pieces that use Cornelius Cardew’s The Great Learning as either a score or as a social frame for engaging sound and silence. The first piece, an exercise in communion by Tiffany Schofield and Erika DeFreitas stages vocalizations derived from the word communion in a pedestrian tunnel. And Movement I, Movement II by Christopher Dela Cruz, Marla Hlady, and Eric Slyfield translates the Cardew’s score into two movements—each with its own respective rule and with some freedom in time.


YOU- HOUR 3 (14-15 GMT) (8-9 EST) (6-7 CST) (5-6 PST)

Steve Bates (Saskatoon) presents You, as if radio silence, a composition in three parts using recordings from Dakar (radio), Stockholm (Elektronmusikstudion – EMS), Vienna (kunstradio – ORF), Northern Ontario (shortwave radio), and Montréal (blank cassettes, empty and quiet rooms) collected between 2010–2015. Assembled in Saskatoon at Reflected Light, November 2020.


YOU- HOUR 4 (15-16 GMT) (9-10 EST) (7-8 CST) (6-7 PST)

Wave Farm PRESENTS two commissions. The first, Southern Comfort, is a radio piece by Jen Kutler featuring text and performance by Quintan Ana Wikswo. The title Southern Comfort surrounds the queer US/Mexico border experience in its complexity of solidarity and joy in the face of bigotry, hate crimes and the AIDS crisis. The second, Spirit Safe by Sadie Woods, builds on the concept of spiritual maturation that comes with time, exploring emotional intelligence, grace and boundaries, and trust and receptivity through blending ethereal sound and electronic music.


YOU- HOUR 5 (16-17 GMT) (10-11 EST) (8-9 CST) (7-8 PST)

Wave Farm PRESENTS two commissions. The first, Segunda Persona by Agustina Woodgate with Florencia Curci, is a multilingual remix amongst friends. A fabulous and loving speculation about the second person. The second, Useful Radio by Jeff Kolar focuses on radio voices, citizen listening, and the intimacy of signals. It features collaborations with Joe JeffersAnna Friz, and Zeena Parkins.


YOU- HOUR 6 (17-18 GMT) (11-12 EST) (9-10 CST) (8-9 PST)

Béchard Hudon (Montréal) PRESENT Disvestment Mechanisms (square).


YOU- HOUR 7 (18-19 GMT) (12-13 EST) (10-11 CST) (9-10 PST)

University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and squint press PRESENTS the launch of Vivian Darroch-Lozowski’s book Voice of Hearing with the author, Daniela Cascella, Christof Migone, and Ann West. Hosted by jake moore, Director of USask Art Galleries. Lisa Robertson describes this book as a place “Where theorizing is a present-tense action. Where to be in a body is to gesture to another. Where subjectivity is the transformation of language. Where to hear is also to transform. Where myth is a gate.”


YOU- HOUR 8 (19-20 GMT) (13-14 EST) (11-12 CST) (10-11 PST)

Resonance Extra PRESENTS Merlin Nova, Andrew Ford, Anastasia Freygang. Anastasia’s LIPREADER is a meta-observed temporality quest addressing you and featuring an impromptu aria sung by Kalan Sherrard, and occasional exclamations of intent in a fantasy language recorded on the River Lea.


YOU- HOUR 9 (20-21 GMT) (14-15 EST) (12-13 CST) (11-12 PST)

Resonance Extra PRESENTS Erik Lintunen, Milo Thesiger-Meacham. Milo presents a multimedia project featuring an original script and soundtrack, handheld and drone video, Google Earth, computer-generated imagery, field recordings, and the voice of Kadence Neill.


YOU- HOUR 10 (21-22 GMT) (15-16 EST) (13-14 CST) (12-13 PST)

Anna Friz (Santa Cruz) with Amy Mihyang GintherCynthia Ling LeeGabriel Saloman
Conversations with ancestors, bodies, and ancestral selves. You. Distant and longed for, distant and beloved. You. Are changing, have changed. You. Consider all your relations.


YOU- HOUR 11 (22-23 GMT) (16-17 EST) (14-15 CST) (13-14 PST)

Animals of Distinction (Montréal) PRESENTS Dana GingrasTot OnyxSonya Stefan
you think to appear/when you begin to appear/you begin to appear/when you think to begin/
A lost space that leads nowhere. Restless and confined. Disembodied and embodied presences roam, taunt, multiply and echo each other across planes.


YOU- HOUR 12 (23-00 GMT) (17-18 EST) (15-16 CST) (14-15 PST)

Glenfiddich Distillery PRESENTS Swan Song by Marla Hlady & Christof Migone. Structured around the endless walking through of Still House 2 at the Glenfiddich Distillery (Dufftown, Scotland) by Andy Fairgrieve, the Artists in Residence Co-ordinator. Featuring new mixes of Swan Song completed in the summer of 2020. Also featuring a selection of videos shot by Marla and Christof during their residency at Glenfiddich in the summer of 2019.




TUNE IN TO Resonance Extra, Wave Farm, and YouTube Live.

Thanks to all the partners, funders, artists.

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